Lower South Santiam Watershed Projects

The lower South Santiam watershed contains rich agricultural land, conifer forests in the uplands, and the communities of Sweet Home, Lebanon, Waterloo, and Scio.

Stream-side planting with native trees and shrubs helps protect water quality and provide habitat for fish and wildlife.

The lower watershed provides drinking water to the municipalities of Lebanon and Albany, making this area a priority for maintaining high water quality.  We can help preserve clean, cool water with stream-side vegetation buffers with native plants and trees.  These buffers help provide shade on the water and filter out any run-off pollutants.  Excluding livestock from the streams is also important, and we assist landowners with finding funding sources for these projects.

Jack Creek Before and After
Fish passage project on Jack Creek. The bridge on the right replaced three undersized culverts on the left.

Water quality also benefits the Chinook salmon, winter steelhead, and other native fish that call the South Santiam home.  Other projects in the lower watershed include in-stream habitat enhancement and ensuring fish passage to upstream stream reaches.

To learn more about these projects, see the list below of completed projects:

Crabtree Creek Riparian Enhancement
Ames Creek
Ames Creek Riparian and Fish Passage


McDowell Creek Model Watershed
Hamilton Creek Model Watershed
Wiley Creek Fish Passage
Small Grants
Small Grant Projects

Mission: To involve local people in the enhancement and protection of the South Santiam watershed for the social and economic benefit of its landowners, managers, and users.