Riparian plantings along Hamilton Creek help provide bank stability.The South Santiam watershed is renowned for its legendary forests,abundant fish and wildlife, and clean drinking water for the communities of Sweet Home, Lebanon, and Albany.

As the Willamette Valley grew in population, so did the South Santiam watershed.  With the growth, changes to the landscape occurred.  These changes included the construction of flood-control dams, the removal of vegetation on river banks, and altering stream channels.

Haley Construction building an island jam in Canyon Creek near the confluence with Owl Creek.  In order to restore the important functions that the watershed provides, the South Santiam Watershed Council partners with landowners and managers to re-vegetate stream banks with native vegetation, ensure migratory fish have passage to former spawning grounds, and provide the types of excellent habitat that benefit fish and wildlife throughout the watershed.

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Mission: To involve local people in the enhancement and protection of the South Santiam watershed for the social and economic benefit of its landowners, managers, and users.