What We Do

South Santiam WatershedThe South Santiam Watershed Council believes that by working collaboratively with landowners and managers we can restore and enhance the rivers and streams that provide many benefits to the community.

Our restoration program is aimed at providing in-stream and riparian habitat for fish native to the South Santiam watershed, and maintaining cool, clean drinking water for several communities.   In order to assess our restoration work and determine priorities, we implement a robust monitoring program across the watershed.  Our focus on youth education is important to sustaining the work that we complete today.

Together with our partners, we are implementing programs that benefit all who enjoy a clean, healthy watershed.  To learn more about each of our programs, see:





Watershed Education


South Santiam All Lands Collaborative



Mission: To involve local people in the enhancement and protection of the South Santiam watershed for the social and economic benefit of its landowners, managers, and users.