South Santiam Watershed Plans and Assessments

The following are documents that help us plan specifically where we should be working in the watershed.  The documents describe in detail the sub-watersheds of the South Santiam basin and describe actions necessary to enhance and restore the health of the watershed.

  • South Santiam Watershed Assessment, completed by E&S Environmental Chemistry, 2000 (PDF)
  • Thomas Creek Mainstem Assessment Report, completed by Russel Langshaw, 2003 (PDF)
  • Santiam Basin Fish Passage Barrier Prioritization, taken from Master’s Thesis from Eric Andersen, 2010 (PDF)
  • BLM Hamilton Creek Watershed Analysis (PDF)
  • BLM Crabtree Creek Watershed Analysis (PDF)

Mission: To involve local people in the enhancement and protection of the South Santiam watershed for the social and economic benefit of its landowners, managers, and users.