The Landowner Toolbox

If you have a watershed concern, or are interested in restoration and enhancement, the South Santiam Watershed Council wants to hear from you!  Please contact us at 541-367-5564 or e-mail at

The following links are either to web pages or documents that directly apply to restoration or conservation practices.

General Landowner Resources
Landowner Assistance & Stewardship
Oregon Conservation Strategy
Helping Fish, Wildlife and Habitat: Incentive and Assistance Programs for Private Landowners (PDF, 3MB)

Conservation Programs
Wetland Reserve Program (WRP)
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)
Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP)
State of Oregon Riparian Tax Credit
Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Riparian/Streamside Resources
Water and Watershed Education
Protecting Your Watershed
Protecting Streambanks from Erosion
Managing Streamside Areas with Buffers
Understanding Natural Wetlands
Nitrogen Scavenging: Using cover crops to reduce nitrate leaching in Western Oregon

Pasture Management Resources
Managing Pastures
Protecting Your Land from Erosion
Providing Stockwater in Fields and Near Streams
Designing a Fence
Managing Mud and Manure

Wellwater/Septic System Resources
Before You Buy: Wells, Septic Systems, and a Healthy Homesite
After You Buy: Wells, Septic Systems, and a Healthy Homesite
Filling Out a Project Permit

Weed Management Resources
Links to Resources for Noxious Weeds & Invasive Species
Perennial Weed Biology and Management
Managing Weeds in Pasture

Managing Himalayan Blackberry in Western Oregon Riparian Areas

Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Contractor List
Weed Mapper

Native Plant Resources
Guide for Using Willamette Valley Native Plants Along Your Stream (PDF, 1MB)
Streamside Plants for Willamette Valley Wildlife
A Guide to Riparian Tree Planting in Southern Oregon
Enhancing Wildlife Habitat (PDF, 5 MB)
Local Retail Nurseries Selling Native Plants and Seeds