South Santiam Watershed Council Meeting 4/15 3-5 pm

Tour participants observe a second fish passage enhancement project on Jack creek.

South Santiam Watershed Tour

The South Santiam Watershed Council will be meeting next Tuesday, April 15th from 3-5 pm at the Lebanon Public Library.

This month, we’re pleased to welcome Dan Calvert, doctoral student at Oregon State University.  Dan will be discussing some of the findings associated with his dissertation. The presentation examines the outcomes of a collaborative natural resource management intervention effort in Oregon’s Upper Willamette River Basin relating to salmon recovery and water resources management. It explores the manner in which watershed councils in the Upper Willamette River Basin interact with each other and private landowners. Of particular focus is the role of learning and information sharing on an individual, community and organizational level to drive innovation and increase adaptive capacity.

Following the presentation, the SSWC Board of Directors will meet at 4 pm.

Small Woodlands Outreach

Lance at small woodlands

Lance Wyss, Regional Projects Coordinator, recently set up a booth to represent the North Santiam, South Santiam, and Calapooia Watershed Councils at a Seedling Sale held by the Linn County Chapter of Oregon Small Woodlands Association.  The event took place at the Linn County Fair and Expo Center in Albany.  According to Lance, “Many people stopped by the booth and were interested in hearing about what the Councils do and also shared stories about their properties.  I made different connections with people that will help strengthen our community.”

SSWC Meeting February 18th

The South Santiam Watershed Council will be meeting on Tuesday, February 18th from 3-5 pm at the Lebanon Library, located at 55 Academy St.

This month, we are pleased to welcome Matt Peterson, Assistant Recreation Staff Officer with the Willamette National Forest.  Matt will be discussing the development of a road investment strategy on the National Forest, including the Sweet Home Ranger District.

Matt will discuss how the community can be involved in the process and to hear some initial feedback and suggestions on the process on Forest Service road management.

The SSWC Board of Directors portion of the meeting will begin at 4 pm, which is also open to the public.

SSWC Meeting Agenda 2.18.2014

SSWC Meeting January 21st, 3:00-5:00 pm

The SSWC will be meeting on January 21st at the Lebanon Public Library, located at 55 Academy St.  This month, we welcome Greg Taylor, Fish Biologist with the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers.  Greg will be discussing improvements to the fish collection facility at Foster Dam as well as other actions that the Corps is conducting to assist in the recovery of native spring Chinook salmon and winter steelhead in the South Santiam Watershed.  The meeting will begin at 3:00 pm and will also include an SSWC Board of Directors session that begins at 4:00 pm.

Foster Dam on the South Santiam River

Foster Dam on the South Santiam River

Local restoration tour highlights conservation efforts of South Santiam landowners

A tour of local restoration sites was held on Saturday, October 12th, highlighting restoration work of landowners in McDowell Creek, Hamilton Creek, Ames Creek and Jack Creek.

The tour was hosted by the South Santiam Watershed Council to provide an opportunity for local residents, natural resource practitioners, and stakeholders to see restoration progress in their community. Tour sites highlighted riparian vegetation restoration as well as in-stream habitat creation and fish barrier removal. The tour began at a restoration site on McDowell Creek where one landowner had worked with the council to restore an acre of streamside property using the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP). Over 1,000 bareroot plants and live willow stakes were planted on this site in addition to the installation of livestock exclusion fencing. Tour participants also saw a neighboring site where a landowner restored over 25 acres of riparian habitat using the CREP program and installed log jams to create habitat for fish and other aquatic life.

Next, the tour traveled to the confluence of Ames Creek and the South Santiam River, where a series of bedrock and boulder weirs were constructed with step pools to facilitate fish passage. The final two tour stops were on Jack Creek, tributary to Hamilton Creek, where fish passage barriers were replaced and woody debris was placed to enhance in-stream habitat. Tour participants saw a new bridge that was constructed in the place of three culverts on Upper Berlin Drive. Participants also visited with a landowner on Jack Creek who had worked with the council to correct a fish barrier and enhance riparian habitat with native plantings.

To learn more about restoration in McDowell Creek, Hamilton Creek, Jack Creek, or Ames Creek, click here!

Summer 2013

The SSWC will not be meeting during the summer.  This summer we’re working on several projects including the Soda Fork Habitat Restoration Project.  The videos show how large wood is being placed into Soda Fork in order to trap gravels and provide salmon and steelhead spawning habitat.